Crime - Real or Perceived?

Real and perceived crime are an impediment to growth and development in Prince George’s County. When compared to neighboring jurisdictions and the state, overall crime rates in the County are particularly troubling to future residents, employers, and investors. Recent trends, however, reveal marked improvements in the County’s public safety record. 

Between 2006 and 2011, through unprecedented federal, state, and local law enforcement collaboration, Prince George’s County has seen a 30.1% reduction in total crime. Violent and property crime declined 39.1% and 28.6%, respectively. In addition, the County experienced significant reductions in homicides (-26.9%), rapes (-36.2%), robberies (-37.8%), aggravated assaults (-40.9%), larceny/thefts (-23.5%), and motor vehicle thefts (-54.1%). Enhancing the County’s image will hinge on aggressively promoting this downward trend and marketing its recent public safety improvements.