Policy 3

Use Plan 2035, including the Growth Policy Map and Center Classification System, to guide the development of land use policies for all future master and sector plans, functional plans, and other County planning documents.

  • LU3.1 - Evaluate the Plan 2035 future land use categories and apply to new master plans so that, over time, all plans use a common nomenclature to describe similar land uses. Allow plans to develop common land use subcategories.
  • LU3.2 - Review preliminary master plans and rezoning requests to ensure that proposed development is consistent with the Growth Policy Map and the Center Classification System (see Table 16). (See also Section V: Implementation, under Plan Administration for Amendments and Updates.)
  • LU3.3 - Review approved master plans to evaluate the consistency of existing Regional Transit Districts and Local Centers with the Center Classification System (see Table 16). To ensure consistency, future master plan revisions and/or rezonings may be warranted.