Policy 4

Phase new residential development to coincide with the provision of public facilities and services.

  • LU4.1 - Annually evaluate the County’s residential and employment forecast projections to identify the amount of new land area required to meet demand.

  • LU4.2 - Create a working group to address the magnitude of the residential pipeline in Established Communities and Rural and Agricultural Areas. Potential strategies to reduce the pipeline include amending the County Code to limit validity periods, reevaluating approved adequate public facilities for projects that have not provided assurances that public infrastructure will be constructed in a timely manner, and requiring performance bonding prior to recordation of final plat.

  • LU4.3 - Evaluate strategies to phase development countywide. Potential strategies include establishing a residential allocation process.

  • LU4.4 - Identify additional strategies that may reduce the amount of residential and commercial development that is no longer economically viable and has been approved but not constructed throughout the County. Evaluate various codes and procedures including validity periods and the effect on adequate public facilities.