Policy 1

Ensure public facilities provide efficient and equitable service to existing and future County residents and businesses. 

  • PF1.1 - Encourage collocation of compatible and complementary public facilities, such as libraries and community health centers, and services where collocation improves service delivery and optimizes inter-generational and intercultural use.

  • PF1.2 - Encourage shared use of public facilities, such as school grounds for recreational use and as green spaces, community gardens, and playgrounds, particularly in neighborhoods with limited access to public open spaces.

  • PF1.3 - Evaluate and update facility standards on a regular basis to account for changes in state and national guidelines and best practices, technology, and the operating technique of public agencies.

  • PF1.4 - Revise the methodology that calculates the surcharge fees for schools and public safety. Items to be evaluated are charging fees by unit type, identifying a schedule to review school construction costs, and standardized methodology for pupil yield.

  • PF1.5 - Update surcharges and impact fees on a regular basis to account for changes in construction techniques and in state funding contributions.

  • PF1.6 - Fund maintenance and renovation of existing facilities to address anticipated deficiencies through 2035.

  • PF1.7 - County agencies responsible for public facilities should coordinate closely with the Office of Management and Budget and M-NCPPC to forecast the demand for, and assess the location of, future public facilities.  

  • PF1.8 - Obtain dedication and/or reservation of land for planned public facilities through the development review process.

  • PF1.9 - Consider alternative forms of developer contributions and financing techniques including, but not limited to, developer agreements and special assessment districts.

  • PF1.10 - Fund systemic renovations and retrofits to maintain and expand the capacity of public water supply and sewer systems.

  • PF1.11 - Support and fund treatment facilities to ensure compliance with the Watershed Implementation Plan to reduce pollution to the Chesapeake Bay and County waterways.

  • PF1.12 - Construct dry wells in the rural and agricultural areas and other areas outside the sewer envelope for fire suppression.

  • PF1.13 - Identify alternative funding sources to maintain affordability of water and sewer infrastructure in under-served and unserved areas inside the sewer envelope.