Policy 9

Encourage investment in energy infrastructure, renewable energy, and the use of smart grid technologies to improve the efficiency, reliability, affordability, and sustainability of energy production and distribution.

  • NE9.1 - Promote the use of innovative energy financing mechanisms such as: 
    • Energy performance contracting
    • Home energy loan programs for moderate- to low-income residents
    • Power purchase agreements
    • Property-assessed clean energy
    • On-bill financing
  • NE9.2 - Encourage the installation of the latest smart-grid/metering technology by offering incentives and technical assistance.

  • NE9.3 - Create an energy assurance framework to assess strategies for enhancing energy security and community resiliency.

  • NE9.4 - Participate in regional efforts to support the deployment of electric vehicles (EVs) and EV charging infrastructure.

  • NE9.5 - Partner with local energy providers to develop alternative fueling stations for compressed natural gas, liquefied propane, biofuels, and electric vehicles.