Industrial Sector

Industrial activities accounted for 32% of the County’s employment base or approximately 68,000 jobs in 2013. Established and economically healthy industrial areas are vital generators of higher wage jobs with good benefits and upward mobility for residents with lower levels of formal educational, such as: 

  • Beltsville
  • Capitol Heights
  • Cheverly
  • Forestville
  • Landover
  • Melwood

The industrial sector is also important because it is more likely to hire County residents-reducing congestion associated with Prince Georgians commuting outside the County-and accommodates activities critical to county and municipal operations; local start-ups and innovation; and back offices supporting other sectors, such as finance, insurance, and tourism. Expanding the industrial sector into promising new fields, such as the green economy and high-tech, information-intensive sub-sectors, and leveraging its potential as an economic engine are essential to maintaining a diverse and healthy county economy.