Forever a Bedroom Community

Within the Washington Metropolitan RegiTable 12 (JPG) Employment Growth (2007-2012)on, competition is fierce for jobs, new residents, and financial resources. Prince George’s County has historically lagged behind the region in private- and public-sector job creation. Compared to neighboring counties, job growth in the County during the past five year period (2007 to 2012) was among the weakest (see Table 12). The County also struggled to retain jobs during the 2007 to 2009 recession, recording higher job loss rates than the region and state. Job creation will continue to be weak if recent trends continue.

The County can attract new jobs and increase its commercial tax base by focusing (re)development in walkable communities in transit-accessible locations. Successful pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use communities require a delicate balance of residential and commercial density to support desired amenities, such as restaurants, retail, recreation facilities, and frequent bus and rail service.