Prioritize & Focus Our Resources


In order to create a stable source of revenue to invest in our schools, revitalize our neighborhoods, and protect our natural, historic, and cultural assets, we must focus the majority of our resources and efforts on targeted areas best suited to:

  • Develop into regional economic engines
  • Grow our commercial tax base
  • Stimulate job growth


Plan 2035 refers to these areas as Downtowns and the Innovation Corridor. Plan 2035 commits to aligning work programs across County agencies, supporting financial incentives and infrastructure improvements, and streamlining processes to accelerate growth in these different, but complementary areas.

Long-term, strategic and coordinated public investment will help transform the physical landscape of the designated Downtowns and Innovation Corridor attracting new private investment, employers, and workers. These peoples will serve as a model for the next generation of regionally competitive, mixed-use development in the County.