Regional Transit Districts

Research Basis

Plan 2035 designates eight centers with extensive transit and transportation infrastructure and the long-term capacity to become mixed-use, economic generators for the County as Regional Transit Districts. The centers were selected based on a quantitative analysis of 31 indicators that assessed the capacity and potential of each center to support future growth and development.

Recommended Action

Plan 2035 recommends directing the majority of future employment and residential growth in the County to the Regional Transit Districts. These medium- to high-density areas are envisioned to:

  • Feature high-quality urban design
  • Incorporate a mix of complementary uses and public spaces
  • Promote walkability
  • Provide a range of transportation options such as:
    • Bike
    • Bus
    • Car Share
    • Light Rail
    • Metro

They will provide a range of housing options to appeal to different income levels, household types, and existing and future residents.