Policy 8

Strengthen and enhance existing residential areas and neighborhoods in the Plan 2035 Established Communities.

  • LU8.1 - Coordinate land use planning with County municipalities.
  • LU8.2 - Use conservation subdivisions in areas adjacent to Rural and Agricultural Areas to transition density and to encourage preservation of green infrastructure corridors as defined by the County’s Green Infrastructure Plan.
  • LU8.3 - Encourage municipalities to designate Development Review Districts to promote and preserve the integrity of high-quality and complementary infill development in the Established Communities.
  • LU8.4 - Revise and update the Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Ordinance, and other County regulations to ensure they help protect, strengthen, and revitalize the Established Communities.
  • LU8.5 - Continue to coordinate, apply for, and use state and federal programs and resources for neighborhood revitalization and reinvestment of low- and moderate-income communities. Programs and resources include Sustainable Community designations, HUD program funds, and tax incentives.

Related Policies & Strategies

See Policy 3 and Associated Strategies under the Housing and Neighborhoods Element for Neighborhood Stabilization Recommendations.

See Policy 3 and Associated Strategies under Implementation for Neighborhood Reinvestment Area Recommendations.