Policy 3

Stabilize existing communities and encourage revitalization and rehabilitation.

  • HN3.1 - Prepare revitalization plans for individual neighborhoods under the Transforming Neighborhoods Initiative using the Prince George’s County Residential Market Value Analysis that is currently being prepared by the County.

  • HN3.2 - Biannually inventory foreclosed and neglected properties to ensure effective monitoring and mitigation of housing blight. Continue to work with state and County agencies to provide assistance to areas with high concentrations of foreclosures. The Prince George’s County Residential Market Value Analysis will provide additional data on neighborhood stabilization strategies.

  • HN3.3 - Partner with nonprofits and Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to expand access to foreclosure prevention counseling services and financial literacy.

  • HN3.4 - Enforce housing maintenance standards and building codes. Particular attention should be directed towards Neighborhood Reinvestment areas and established communities.  

  • HN3.5 - Provide additional funding to purchase and rehabilitate deteriorated rental and single-family properties in Neighborhood Reinvestment Areas. Allocate initial operating and capital funding to a rehabilitation program with the intent of moving to a self-sustaining program by using the proceeds from sold rehabilitated properties to fund further acquisitions. This effort should be coordinated by DHCD and the Redevelopment Authority.

  • HN3.6 - Partner with private developers, community organizations, and County agencies to construct and repair public facilities, amenities, and services in established communities. Establish an inventory of critical service infrastructure repairs and maintenance.