Policy 7

Promote cultural and arts awareness, exploration, and expression in Prince George’s County.  

  • HD7.1 - Increase awareness of our communities’ diverse heritage and cultural traditions by promoting cultural preservation programs and activities.

  • HD7.2 - Partner with nonprofits, such as the Prince George’s Arts and Humanities Council, and for-profit arts, culture, music and educational organizations to foster opportunities for life-long cultural exploration for all residents.

  • HD7.3 - Establish partnerships to develop appropriate performance spaces, exhibit areas, and venues.

  • HD7.4 - Establish a brand for arts, culture, and historic preservation and heritage conservation to promote the County’s history, diversity, and cultural heritage and spur economic development and tourism.

  • HD7.5 - During the master plan process, identify opportunities to support arts and culture in the County. Opportunities include incorporating public art and informal performing arts spaces in public parks and plazas, developing public-private partnerships, and celebrating cultural heritage through architecture and urban design.