Policy 13

Preserve and enhance the County’s rural and agricultural character.

  • HD13.1 - Initiate cultural landscape and land preservation efforts to support the character of rural and agriculture areas.

  • HD13.2 - Amend applicable codes to implement context-sensitive design for roadways and residential and commercial development to preserve the County’s rural character.

  • HD13.3 - Use conservation subdivisions or other site planning and landscape conservation tools when developing in Established Communities near Rural and Agricultural Areas to cluster development and preserve land for resource protection or open space.

  • HD13.4 - Finalize the recommendations of the 2013 Conserving Significant Cultural Landscapes: Protecting the Piscataway and Accokeek Historic Communities and the Mount Vernon Viewshed study to conserve the cultural landscape of the rural communities of Piscataway and Accokeek.

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