Policy 2

Improve residents’ access to fresh foods, in particular for households living in low-income areas with limited transportation options, and promote sources of fresh foods countywide.

  • HC2.1 - Evaluate and revise, as appropriate, the County Code to accommodate urban agriculture and ease restrictions on the production of locally-grown food.

  • HC2.2 - Evaluate and revise, as appropriate, the County Code and incentive programs to reduce the prevalence of food swamps.

  • HC2.3 - In partnership with local nonprofits and community groups, the County Health Department, and the Department of Parks and Recreation, identify suitable local infill, brownfield, and other sites that may be appropriate for urban agriculture activities, community gardens, and farmers’ markets during the master planning process.

  • HC2.4 - Incentivize, through tax abatements or other mechanisms, full-service grocery stores in designated regional urban transit centers and food deserts.

  • HC2.5 - Support the Prince George’s County Food Equity Council.

Related Policies & Strategies

See Policy 9 in the Economic Prosperity Element for Support to Farmers.