Evaluative Policy

Policy 1

Monitor, collect, and evaluate data on indicators at one- and five-year intervals (see Table 26).  

  • PM1.1 - Conduct a baseline analysis of Plan 2035 indicators and establish measurable targets.  
  • PM1.2 - On a yearly basis, prepare a Plan 2035 Annual Report. This report shall address the requirements of the MDP Annual Report as well as progress on the Plan 2035 indicators.  
  • PM1.3 - Prepare a Five-Year Evaluation Report every five years on the implementation of Plan 2035. This report shall include aggregate data from the annual report and will provide an overview on the progress Prince George’s County has made in meeting Plan 2035 goals. This report will also evaluate the status and priorities of the Strategic Investment Program, including an assessment of the first round of designated Downtowns.  
  • PM1.4 - Create a web-based monitoring system that will annually track and measure the implementation of Plan 2035.