Policy 6

Promote entrepreneurship, small business development, and innovation.

  • EP6.1 - Create a Prince George’s County Innovation and Commercialization Collaborative.

  • EP6.2 - Establish creative and reliable financing approaches; provide ample adaptable and modern office, workshop, and lab space; and offer administrative, management, and marketing support to help start-up companies grow and remain in the County.

  • EP6.3 - Connect potential employees and innovation activities-research results, discoveries, and technical innovations originating from the universities and research labs, with local minority business enterprise development. Enhance opportunities for qualified job seekers, and attract employers to local talent, by assisting with the process of applying for security clearances.

  • EP6.4 - Create a centralized and accessible clearinghouse of information for starting, operating, and growing small businesses.

  • EP6.5 - Conduct a comprehensive review of County Code provisions specific to the operation of small businesses-including licensing, permitting and inspections, and zoning and subdivision regulations, to facilitate and support small business development.