Policy 8

Support the preservation and expansion of the County’s agriculture sector as an important component of its rural economy and its commitment to environmental stewardship, and recognize urban agriculture as a viable industry (also see the Healthy Communities Element).

  • EP8.1 - Develop a long-term, parkland-based agriculture program to support the County’s agriculture sector while balancing the County’s growing demand for parkland suitable for active recreation.

  • EP8.2 - Create a new staff position at the Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation dedicated to agriculture and urban agriculture.

  • EP8.3 - Develop partnerships with regional and national foundations and other funders to invest in urban agriculture in the County.

  • EP8.4 - Promote economic development programs and initiatives and reduce regulatory barriers to encourage the retention and expansion of agricultural activities. Coordinate with the Soil Conservation District, Extension Service, and the Economic Development Corporation to encourage new agribusiness development, promote agritourism, and explore the potential of alternative bio-based forest products (such as wood waste) and biofuels.

  • EP8.5 - Provide financial incentives, including research and infrastructure grants, loans, and state urban agriculture property tax credits, and technical assistance, in areas such as business plan development and organic farming, to farmers to foster a viable agricultural industry.