Policy 11

Enhance the County’s economic competitiveness by deploying and improving advanced and robust information and communication technology (ICT) infrastructure throughout the County and addressing the digital divide.

  • EP11.1 - Build upon the Inter-county Broadband Network (ICBN) backbone to extend the backbone/ICT infrastructure to all areas of the County (to provide access within each census block) and especially at anchor institutions, such as schools and libraries.

  • EP11.2 - Establish at least one technology cluster in each council district and/or in key ICT clusters and develop science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) and ICT business collaborations and partnerships.

  • EP11.3 - Work with Internet providers and the State of Maryland to provide best available internet technology in the Downtowns and the Innovation Corridor.

  • EP11.4 - Assess which population groups have lower internet adoption rates and develop strategies to address identified gaps: including examining ways in which existing public institutions, such as libraries and community centers, can increase computer literacy and Internet skills.

  • EP11.5 - Improve and develop ICT literacy and life-long learning skills to advance STEM curriculum and instruction and advanced technology access in healthcare and life sciences.
  • EP11.6 - Utilize the Universal Service Fund to provide needed funds to wire schools, libraries, community centers, and other public facilities.

  • EP11.7 - Continually upgrade the ICBN to keep pace with technology improvements and growing capacity requirements.

  • EP11.8 - Fully wire all new public buildings during construction and complete the last mile for all public buildings, including emergency response facilities, to ensure they are connected to the ICBN.