Policy 4

Assess land use decisions for potential climate change impacts.

  • NE4.1 - Perform a flooding and sea level rise analysis for the County. Prioritize climate adaptation upgrades to at-risk areas with the greatest population impacts and include implementable actions and policy.
  • NE4.2 - Include more detailed hazard information related to climate adaptation and mitigation strategies when updating the County’s Hazard Mitigation Plan. This plan should utilize the information obtained in the sea level rise and flooding analysis, and should also include implementable actions for areas at high risk for flooding.
  • NE4.3 - Create a countywide standard for reviewing infrastructure installation, upgrades, and maintenance projects against projected climate change impacts.
  • NE4.4 - Where relocation is not feasible, update existing infrastructure with climate-resilient technologies. Locate major: 
    • Electrical high-risk areas
    • Stormwater high-risk areas
    • Transit high-risk areas
    • Wastewater treatment high-risk areas
    • Road high-risk areas
    • Other infrastructure out of high-risk areas
  • NE4.5 - Implement the County’s CAP and identify strategies related to land use. Integrate climate action strategies into County codes as appropriate.