Policy 10

Encourage the generation of low-carbon and clean, renewable energy sources.

  • NE10.1 - Promote the development of energy positive homes and buildings that generate more energy than what is used in the production, construction, and operation of the home or building through the application of geothermal, solar, and wind technology.
  • NE10.2 - Utilize solar panels or similar technology to increase the energy efficiency of outdoor lighting in appropriate areas, such as streets, parking lots, parks, and/or signage.
  • NE10.3 - Evaluate and modernize, as warranted, the regulations in the zoning ordinance that impact the location, size, and design of solar, wind, and alternative energy production facilities. Include options for streamlining development review of permit procedures.
  • NE10.4 - Develop a range of incentives to encourage the adoption of solar facilities on vacant roofs, parking structures, and unused open spaces.
  • NE10.5 - Revise and update the Zoning Ordinance and Subdivision Regulations to include standards and criteria for siting renewable energy facilities at different scales.