Plan Engagement

Comprehensive public participation was critical to the preparation of Plan 2035 and was based on a four-pronged approach.

  1. Continue where Envision Prince George’s left off.
  2. Build on past planning efforts. These include:
    • 24 Community Plans
    • County’s Water and Sewer
    • Numerous Completed Research Studies
    • Six Functional Plans
    • Solid Waste
    • Watershed Implementation Plans
  3. Pursue an innovative outreach program. Plan 2035 relied heavily on cutting-edge public participation tools, including social media, live video streaming, scenario planning, and a large-scale Town Hall meeting to engage a broad audience, disseminate information, and solicit feedback.
  4. Conduct targeted outreach to immigrant communities and municipalities.

A number of high profile initiatives, such as Formula 2040 and Envision Prince George’s, yielded significant community input and engagement. Plan 2035 deemed it vital to leverage this input and avoid, to the extent possible, duplicating outreach and exhausting resources and community energy.